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versus_lims's Journal

Actor vs Actress LIMS
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Welcome to versus-lims, brought to you by redhour. As shown in the title, this is a last icon maker standing community that will have two celebs at once--male and female. There will be a sign-up post before each challenge, not round. The amount of time each challenge takes varies on how many participants there are. Each week members will vote on their least favorite icons and their favorite.

Layout codes by refuted
Profile codes by refuted
Community graphics by redhour


01. In order to participate, your username must be on the participant's list. To sign up, go to the sign-up post (can be found through tags).
02. Any icon you submit must meet LiveJournal's requirements—100x100 or less; 40KB or less; JPEG, PNG, GIF.
03. All icons must be new, no pre-made icons can be submitted. If I find out you have, I'll give you a warning and a chance to resubmit, if you don't I will not enter the icon. If you do it again, you will be disqualified.
04. Do not post your icon anywhere until the results for that round have been posted. After results are posted, feel free to do what you want with it.
05. Please do not have anyone vote for your icon nor should you vote for yourself—we don't need any cheaters here!
06. When you submit your icon, please comment to the round post with both the IMG SRC and URL links.
07. It is preferred that you do not use a skip on the first round, however, if you do you will not be disqualified. Although, a skip will automatically used as well as any round after.
08. Don't be upset if you're eliminated or about a comment. Comments are to be constructive for a reason!
09. If you have a question about a comment about your icon, don't hesitate to ask!
10. When I go to post the results, I will tally up the postive and negative votes (they will cancel each other out) and that will determine who's eliminated and who's the voter's choice.
11. If you do not vote in two consecutive rounds, you will be disqualified. Votes are important, so since you entered you can vote as well. When there are few entries I will post in the voting entry if participants do not need to vote.
12. For voting, BE ELABORATE. Read the post about voting HERE. This will give you a better understanding on what I will be looking for as far as comments go.


MONDAY: Challenge is put up. (It may be put up Sunday)
TUESDAY: Challenge continues...
WEDNESDAY: Challenge continues...
THURSDAY: Challenge continues...
FRIDAY: Challenge ends. Voting is put up.
SATURDAY: Voting continues.
SUNDAY: Voting ends. Winners are announced.